The Inside & Out Method

Over my 25 years of living and working in South East Asia, I feel that I’ve developed a unique, multi-cultural and comprehensive approach to my work. On the whole, my goal is to enthusiastically support you to strive for personal and emotional freedom, good health and success in all aspects of your life and wellbeing.


I structure my work with each client using the following three guidelines:

  1. I start by leading you to re-connect with and utilise your creativity. Through fun and reinvigoration, we reawaken the often forgotten inner child in you, which allows your innate channels of curiosity and spontaneity to open up once again. In time, you can achieve a wholesome equilibrium between your inner child and integrated adult self.
  2. Following on from that the next sessions will aim to stimulate you to open yourself up and rediscover what it means to trust and go beyond fear; to help reveal the emotional fortress you may have built over the years as protection against negative life experiences and cultural or environmental conditioning; to explore and melt away the limitations this kind of emotional prison can pose. The aim in this step is to essentially build self awareness by finding the lost connection within and then striking a balance between the three key aspects of body, intellect and emotion.
  3. Finally, I aim to motivate you in your search for knowledge, purpose and a sense of ‘self’, irrespective of any spiritual or religious traditions and to facilitate the healing process by introducing the relevant self development tools that I have acquired over my 25 years of formation. At this stage, the aim is to improve your level of personal wellbeing and increase the efficiency and positivity with which you communicate with yourself and approach to life. If necessary, the sessions may carry on to help you to adapt and enrich the interpersonal dynamics of your communication with your family, social relationships and at work. 


I find that the modern global citizen greatly benefits from going ‘back to basics’ by slowing down and stopping to catch their breath amongst all the daily stressors encountered today. In order to live life more fully, freely and responsibly, it is important for the 21st century individual to choose to nurture a positive attitude and cultivate physical, emotional and relational health. Feeling well inside and out is a choice and one that makes a monumental difference.

But we can’t fully educate and transform ourselves alone. Choosing to trust the skills of a well experienced ‘guide’ who can offer objective, informed and unbiased advice and motivation is one of the first and most crucial steps when looking to achieve a sense of well-being in our lives, work and relationships. It is hugely beneficial to have an outsider looking in who can confront, motivate and even trigger reactions within us to accelerate growth and awareness.



In order for real, deep change to occur, I believe we must first overcome our fears and protective sense of superiority and self-reliance. As humans, we naturally tend to defend the belief system we've constructed and restricted ourselves to. Breaking down those walls we’ve built means asking for help and most times revealing our very safe guarded vulnerabilities. It’s exactly when these defences are lowered that we need another person to stimulate, inspire and motivate us and act as a living example of the values we’re looking to adopt and set into practice in our lives. 

In my role as your life-wellness coach and psychological counsellor, my objective and intent is to become a trusting and trusted human guide for you whilst maintaining objectivity and impartiality. I aim to work with you as your coach and motivational role model.

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