I am a dynamic and spirited Life & Wellness Coach, Counsellor, Trainer and Speaker with an immense fervour for inspiring and motivating individuals to re-engage with their authentic inner selves.

I show up to my sessions and talks with the strength and humility I've developed over years of personal professional formation, delivering a personal and, most importantly, human experience and connection to the people I work with. I'm a firm believer in ‘walking my talk’, living and working congruently, “with a healthy and authentic light-heartedness and love for myself and others”.


Originally from Italy, my journey began during the 25 years I lived abroad in South East Asia. A fierce desire to be a better mother, wife and woman led me to my very first encounter with self development and prompted the pursuit of my new found passion. Propelled into the field of Wellbeing and Human Development, I spent the next two decades studying and honing my skills in various areas including Psychology, Fitness, EQ Management, NLP, Body Movement Awareness Methods, Family Constellations, Enneagram and Mindfulness. 


Alongside 15 years of one-on-one coaching and counselling experience, I also trained as a Hoffman Process facilitator and with successful, global coaches including, Debbie Ford, Anthony Robbins and Gabrielle Roth. This rich array of knowledge and personal experience, coupled with my international reach and cultural sensitivities, has helped me to curate a truly unique, versatile and zestful approach to my coaching, counselling and public speaking. 

Professional achievements

In 2001, I started my own coaching and training company, InsideOutYou, basing my material on the development and transformation of individuals from the inside out by focusing on the physical, intellectual, emotional and relational dimensions. This concept was the foundation for the workshop series I went on to design and develop, “Communication in 4Dimensions” and “Wellbeing in 4Dimensions”, which I still adapt and deliver today due to high demand. 


In 2008, I self-published my first book, “Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back”, an honest account of my personal struggles and triumph over abuse, denial and emotional addiction. I'm so grateful that the book has been able to inspire many individuals to pursue an introspective journey since its release and advocates the power of self transformation.

I'm currently working on my second book, due in 2018, which will serve as a self referential self-help book, as well as a workbook for a fresh, new series of talks and workshops rolling out to begin the next chapter of my journey. 


Emotional Intelligence Train the Trainer
UK (2014)

FISAF Fitness Training Certificate
Singapore (2009)

Hatha Yoga Training
India (2006)

Hoffman Process Teacher Training
Hoffman Institute, Italy (2002)

Shadow Coaching Training
The Ford Institute, USA (2001)

5 Rhythms Training
USA (2000)

BA in Foreign Modern Languages and Literature
Italy (1997)

Postgraduate Diploma in Gestalt & Movement
Barcelona (2017-2018)

MA in Psychological Counselling
Australia (2003)

Diploma in Psychology
Singapore (1998)

Wellness Coach Certificate
USA (2009)

Life Mastery: Results Coaching Certificate
Tony Robbins, USA (2001)

WEPSS Enneagram Spectrum Train the Trainer
Singapore (2013)

Family Constellations Training
Singapore (2012)



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