My vision is to ignite a worldwide movement through educational talks, workshops, books and getaways. I want to encourage the dissemination of awareness and re-awakening in a ‘pay-it-forward’ movement, with an aim to engage people with their inner-selves and outer lives in a more purposeful and playful way.  

Long term, my vision is to use my platform to help individuals go beyond the obstacles placed on us by society such as aesthetics, culture, religion, race, and status. To remind communities through my one-on-one and group work, that we are all human beings behind our superficial differences… we are structurally equal, made up of a body, an intellect, emotions and a ‘spirit’.


My mission is to empower and educate individuals around the globe on the importance of taking responsibility for their lives through personal transformation. This transformation occurs when we not only face our ‘light’, but also our ‘shadow’, which appears in the form of what we often judge as personal weaknesses or flaws and remodel it into a positive force with useful attributes. 

My ultimate objective is to inspire people from all walks of life to discover and nurture their inner selves, so that they can live life meaningfully, healthily and authentically. 

I commit to working with integrity by “walking my talk” and striving to live by the words that I ‘preach’. In so doing, my intention is to become a role model for change. I want to stimulate individuals to transform by first and foremost transforming myself and creating a ripple effect of self discovery and awareness as a result. As Ghandi so wisely once put it… we must, “be the change we want to see in the world”.



My dream, is to find a way to live life as authentically and integrally as possible. To facilitate a life of professional and social contribution by living and breathing my passion to motivate, inspire and educate people around the world.

I endeavour to make as big of an impact in the little actions I can do each and every day and to integrate and share the power of self transformation and awareness. I hope to unreservedly connect with each individual and client I meet or work with, and to live every moment, lesson and life experience that comes my way as openly and mindfully as I can.

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