Usually the first few sessions are devoted to establishing the foundation of personal wellbeing alongside the goals and objectives the clients have in their mind and hearts.

Even if a client approaches me for support in their search for a purpose in life, a career change or improvement in other aspects such as parenting skills or dealing with divorce, our work together targets limiting belief systems and core issues which can have a positive and powerful ripple effect on other areas.


When I deliver my Training and Coaching sessions, I like to gather an integrated and complete overview of my client. Over the years that I’ve been working in this field, I’ve developed a unique, 4 dimensional approach to my coaching which takes the following basic human aspects into account:

  1. Physical

  2. Emotional

  3. Intellectual

  4. Relational

No matter what the client’s goals are, when we start the process of working together, the first thing that is assessed and established is their personal wellbeing in each of their 4 dimensions. This is because I believe personal wellbeing is the foundation of attaining a functional, healthy life and true happiness.

The two most fundamental basic pillars of wellbeing are self-love and self-responsibility, which means loving and caring for all aspects of ourselves, taking responsibility for our physical health and managing our thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Self-awareness in these areas will help us monitor and adjust our actions and their effects, as well as how we choose and nurture our relationships with others. Becoming familiar with and having an ongoing focus on these 4 dimensions will enable you to develop your self-awareness and self-responsibility. These new approaches to yourself and your life will naturally bring you to practice self-love.


The Wellness Wheel & Inventory is a whole-person assessment that looks at 12 crucial dimensions for wellbeing in order to bring balance to your life and give you greater insight into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The Wellness Wheel approach asks you to make small steps for continual improvement and this is all set-up online, where you’ll be given a personal login and access to your assessment results and action-steps dashboard.

The Wellness Wheel tool is incredibly helpful because it gives you a complete and comprehensive assessment for you (offering new awareness you might not have had before), a platform to create a dynamic and personalised action plan and access to online tools and resources for sustained improvement.

Using the Wellness Wheel assessment material and the concept of 4 dimensions, we are able to work on a client’s personal wellbeing and balance whilst also structuring a strategy to achieve their goals.


Goals and wellbeing in 4 dimensions go hand in hand. It is far easier to sabotage our intentions and the setting and achieving of our goals when one of our 4 dimensions is out of balance.

For example:

  • You’re experiencing an unstable or very negative mind (intellectual dimension)

  • You’re unable to manage emotional reactions and triggers in your life, work or relationships (emotional dimension)

  • You feel you are physically unhealthy. This could mean being overweight, suffering with negative self image or dealing with food addiction or an eating disorder (physical dimension)

  • You’re struggling to nurture or start relationships with colleagues, friends and/or are attracting toxic people and relationships to you (relational dimension)

“Elisabetta shares her amazing energy in the most creative ways.”
— LORI FIGUEREIDO Learning Strategist Singapore & Portugal

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