“Elisabetta Franzoso is one of those rare women who struggles deeply, works powerfully, lives fully, cries openly, laughs loudly, and loves completely. Her experiences with family and self run the full spectrum from elated joy to utter collapse, and back to a solid foundation for whole and healthy living. She is a powerful speaker, excellent facilitator, and highest quality contributor.”
— Ron Kaufmann, Best-Selling Author of 'Up! Your Service'


I am Elisabetta (MA in Counselling, Dip Psychology & Gestalt Therapy), a dynamic and spirited Life & Wellness Coach, Counsellor, Trainer, Speaker and Social Activist with an immense fervour for inspiring and motivating individuals to re-engage with their authentic inner selves.

Originally from Italy, my journey began during the 25 years I lived abroad in South East Asia. Negative behaviours and cycles from my childhood that I’d promised never to repeat started to surface in my relationship with my daughter. A fierce desire to be a better mother, wife and woman led me to my very first encounter with self development. I sought help from my first counsellor, Marilyn Shearer, who inspired and prompted the beginning of my journey of self-discovery. As I saw the layers begin to unfurl and my life start to transform, I became driven to gather more knowledge and develop skills in this field so that eventually, I could help someone else embark on their own journey.


Along this journey in 2008, I decided to write my first book ‘Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back’. The cathartic process of writing the book allowed me to confront and break a chain of abuse, neglect, denial and emotional addiction that spanned generations in my family. I stepped outside of myself to examine and reveal the life of a mother and a business woman who was both abused and abusive. A woman who was in turmoil and battling her own demons. The process of writing this book empowered me to take responsibility for my actions and free myself from a negative and damaging cycle which was affecting my family, my friends and myself.

After this process, as I continued learning and developing my new passion and skills, I felt like I’d finally found a purpose in life and began training, coaching and counselling full time.  I spent two decades studying and honing my skills in various areas including Psychology, Fitness, EQ Management, NLP, Body Movement Awareness Methods, Family Constellations, Enneagram, Art Therapies, Gestalt and Mindfulness. 

Alongside 15 years of one-on-one coaching and counselling experience, I also trained as a Hoffman Process facilitator and with successful, global coaches including, Debbie Ford, Anthony Robbins and Gabrielle Roth. This rich array of knowledge and personal experience, coupled with my international reach and cultural sensitivities, has helped me to curate a truly unique, versatile and zestful approach to my coaching, counselling and public speaking.

Although the subsequent breakdown of my marriage meant huge disintegration, change and even more reflection and self-examination, I grew, I spread my wings and I landed in the city of Barcelona. I now live my life with gratitude every day and focus my time on working with individuals that truly want to affect change in their lives.   

In order for real, deep change to occur, I believe we must first overcome our fears. As humans, we naturally tend to defend the belief system we've constructed and restricted ourselves to, even if it is flawed and self-limiting. I help you to break down those walls and when your defences are lowered and you need another person to stimulate, inspire and motivate you, I will be that person.

My mission

is to empower and educate individuals around the globe on the importance of taking responsibility for their lives through personal transformation. This transformation occurs when we not only face our ‘light’, but also our ‘shadow’, which appears in the form of what we often judge as personal weaknesses or flaws and remodel it into a positive force with useful attributes.

As Ghandi so wisely once put it… we must, “be the change we want to see in the world”.

I focus my energy on attaining true wellness both inside and out. When we focus on our personal wellbeing by acknowledging and nurturing our 4 Dimensions, we can make authentic choice, engage in connected relationships and find true inner happiness.

As I move on my own self-transformation journey, I connect more with my deep desire for social activism. I aim to build awareness and education around the following topics during my volunteer work, by offering talks and workshops:

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Familial Relationships (parent to children, parent to parent)
  3. Abuse and Neglect
  4. Sexual Harrassment
  5. Racism
Press for Progress x International Women's Day 2018  GLOBAL HQ

Press for Progress x International Women's Day 2018



A glimpse into the life of a mother and businesswoman and an abused and abusive, aggressive mother and wife. The book is a testimonial of how love, faith and hope can triumph over denial, guilt and shame. A captivating read, not just for women, wives and mothers but also for men, husbands and fathers working in today's stressful, corporate world.

Journey with Elisabetta as she confronts and breaks the chain of abuse and neglect, denial and emotional addictions that has spanned generations. This inspirational story of self-empowerment will free and inspire you to look inside, take responsibility and decide. You too can live a life right now that will motivate you to discover an exciting new world of self-confidence and build a legacy of positive relationships.

“A great read for those desperate not to repeat history - but unsure of how to initiate lasting change - this inspirational and confronting real-life account is a testimony of how love, faith and hope can triumph over denial, guilt and shame... follow Elisabetta as she transforms her life into one of love and self-awareness, resurrecting her marriage and altering her daughter’s destiny along the way.
— The Finder, Singapore
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