Coaching is neither counseling nor psychotherapy, though coaches can have a background in either. Psychotherapy or counselling brings you to focus on emotional and relational blockages that are often rooted in the past. It’s necessary to recognise and resolve them and learn how to manage them. When issues in the past are left unresolved, it can block the potential that a coach would normally be able to unlock. I have a long career working as both a life coach and psychological counselling and am able to fuse these two processes to enable your success if and when blockages surface in the way of your goals.

Counselling may lead to deep and sometimes intense emotional release that requires skillful guidance from an experienced practitioner. If a coach feels there is important, unfinished emotional business hampering a client's professional or personal lives, he or she should refer the individual to a competent counsellor. It is not uncommon for emotional blockages or addictions to arise during our coaching sessions or the initial consultation. If these come to light, I would suggest combining coaching with counselling for a more effective approach.


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