#PressforProgress | IWD2018 @ Global

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, I was invited to Global HQ to join a panel of amazing women to discuss the #Timesup movement, gender pay gap and how we should look to move forward from here as a society. I flew in from Barcelona and was greeted by an amazing team, including Rume, who gave us a tour of the Global Radio building. 

It was such a privilege to join other panelists, Jade English (BBC Apprentice), Jusnah Gadi (Young Music Boss), Jessica Henig (Unlocked Branding) and Elle D’Amato (Not on The High Street). The Global signups who came to enjoy the talk around a U-shaped banquet table with high tea assortments were so wonderfully attentive and interested, and raised valid questions, openly sharing their own experiences as women in business. 

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One of the days highlights for me was indeed joining this group of younger speakers from a variety of professional backgrounds and sharing common points of view around topics of self-empowerment and sexual harassment at work. It showed me that the ‘gap’ we often think exists between younger and older generations is actually a lot smaller, or not existent at all, when it comes to ideas, perceptions and points of view. In fact, younger and more mature adults can come together and work together to build and nurture change in society. 

I was delighted to share my story and listen to other’s sharing. It corroborates my belief that everyone has a story to tell and a power to inspire. 

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Myself and another speaker on the panel shared our fundamental belief that education what we really need to make a difference, break the chain of the past and build new awareness around the topics of gender equality, sexual harassment and pay gap.

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As my first experience speaking in London, I had such an incredible time and was inspired by all the women who are pushing for change and making a difference by doing what they believe and leading by example. 

Nevertheless, I was sad to hear that both men and women had been invited to the event by Global, but no men had decided to attend. This means that our approach for creating change and momentum might not be as inclusive as we believe. I aim to investigate what the reasons might be and hope that what we take away from this is the urgency to start including men in our conversation and plight for equality and respect. 

Love, E x


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