The Power of the Heart: Part I


Very few of us know what the heart really is.
It is a phenomenal and powerful tool. We can listen to a musical instrument, but the we sense and ‘feel’ the heart. Not only we listen to it. And by the way, we can listen to the music that flows from the instruments of an orchestra just because our heart gives us the opportunity to make its experience.

Our heart is an instrument made of subtle energy that few people know how to appreciate.

If, at any time in our lives, we open our hearts, we fall in love. If at any moment of our existence, the heart closes, our love crashes. If the heart hurts, we get angry, and we stop feeling and sensing our heart, here it comes the void. All these different dynamics happen because the heart goes through changes and transformations along the time axis of our existence. The flow of energy changes and the changes that overall result, take over and drive our lives. Often all this is an unconscious mechanism. We remain unaware, infact. Unless we choose to become aware. 


The heart is actually very easy to understand.

It is in fact a center of energy. It is one of the most powerful energy centers in our psychophysical system. The heart beats and his allowing enethy to enter and exit (Chi, Shakti, Spirit), the heart affects our daily lives, our choices, our behaviors and our relationships.

It’s the heart that controls the flow of energy, (or as I like to define it, our power of love), which comes and goes from us to others, and vice versa. This means that, just like a valve, it may allow the flow of power of love to travel in and out of us, or it can restrict the same flow. If we look and ‘listen to’ our hearts, we know very well how it feels when it is open and how it feels when it is closed. In fact, the state of our heart changes fairly regularly.

We can experience a great sense of love when we are in the presence of someone. This lasts until this someone says or does something we do not like or disturbs or irritates us. Then the heart addresses two situations and the consequent choices:

  1. The heart can remain open to the person, if so we choose from the center of our being, that is to say our soul-essence. We recognize that there is something profound and empowering to discover for us in that relationship. This opens a magic door to us amd aware of that we accept that in order to explore the ‘new’ to come in life, we must explore pain too.The heart in this case remains open in front of the ‘challenge’ of what we do not like about the other and touches our most delicate and sensitive inner cords. The heart is aware , healthy, strong and positive enough to choose to watch into the eyes of the the probable’ lesson’ to take on board. The heart is clean from negative emotions such as toxic shame, vindictiveness, resignations, hate and fear . The heart remains open and stimulates us to discover what is to be doscovered and have trust. We understand that in the relationship we are exploring , we may face a ‘transfer’ or a ‘projection’ and we decide to process it.

  2. The heart is so shut before those who stimulate or irritates an aspect of our ‘being’ ( ego ) that we decide/choose we do not want to indulge in that relationship … Why? Several reasons might be the root of our choice. May be we’re simply not ready or strong enough to take on board the consequences that change would bring around, as Dr.Wayne Dyer would say.

Or because we know it would be a challenge too painful to face in this moment of our life : we might not have enough love power inside our heart to go through the whole empervious rollercoaster that would finally lead us to the face the death of another piece of our unhealthy Ego and reach a new shore in the river of our life.  Or simply because an invisible enemy hidden in the cellars of our unconscious dominates our heart. It makes it shut to the challenge promising us rewards and overall  the comfort of instant and easy gratifications. Dan Millman gives us a clear example of this dynamic in the movie based on his own life : The Peaceful Warrior.  At this proposal Dr. Mauro Scardovelli would speak of true and proper ‘inner demons’ that we should root and throw out of us. The heart in this case stays  closed, and decides for the old way: simply we do not feel love anylonger for that person in relationship. 

All of us made similar experiences sooner or later in life. All of us were, at least once, in front of a choice : option 1 or 2.

What happens at this point? And is there a better choice than the other?

Let’s talk about it in the second part of this Blog.

With love,

► Elisabetta Franzoso is a multi continental Life and Wellness Coach practicing between Barcelona, London, Milan and Singapore where she has many loyal clients.

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